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Who Are We?

Royal Palm Charter School has supported and furthered the educational needs of our community for over 10 years. We enjoy a
reputation for excellence, dedication, compassion, and success as demonstrated by continually high achievement on standardized
tests in addition to high satisfaction scores given by our most important partners, our parents!

We Focus on the Future

Royal Palm was created to challenge and meet the individual needs of every student in our community. We succeed second to no
one through our focus on the commitment to our future: your children. We seek to educate children using their natural curiosity to
develop their ability and confidence to answer questions. We strive to develop creative thinking and problem solving skills that serve
as the foundation for your child's academic career. 
Royal Palm Charter School is located in the southeast section of Palm Bay. Classes are provided for children from VPK
through Eighth Grade. The Core Knowledge Curriculum and the Accelerated Math program challenge students to maximize their
potential. At Royal Palm, we believe parents are an integral part of their child's education, both at school and home.

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools of choice. They are very popular—and among the fastest growing school choice options in Florida.
Charter schools are largely free to innovate, and often provide more effective programs and choice to diverse groups of students.
Charter Schools are a recent innovation in public education. They are public schools holding state or local agency contracts to meet
specified student achievement goals. In return, the charter school is allocated public educational funds for a stated period of time.
Charter Schools are waived from all state statutes except those involving civil rights and health, welfare and safety of students.
Charter schools are public schools that operate under a performance contract, or a "charter", which frees them from most rules and
regulations created for traditional public schools. An individual, a group of parents or teachers, a business, or a municipality may apply
for a charter. As part of the contract, charter schools are held strictly accountable for academic and financial results. 

Enrollment Information


VPK                         20


1ST                         36

2ND                        36

3RD                        36

4TH                         44

5TH                         44

6TH                         44

7TH                         44

8TH                         44