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Board Of Directors

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors oversee business decisions, future planning for the school, and adherence to the school's mission and vision. All meetings are open to the public and abide by Florida's Sunshine Law. Board meeting dates, times and agendas are posted in the front office of the school.

Meeting Participation

Individuals or groups wishing to address the Board at any meeting should arrive prior to the meeting and sign-up on the Public Presentation form. Public presentations will be limited to three minutes. Concerns will not be addressed at the Board Meeting. All concerns will be addressed in writing in a timely manner. Sensory and mobility impaired persons seeking assistance for participation in any meeting should contact Mrs. Shupe at Royal Palm Charter School. Anyone who would like a copy of a Board document must complete a public records request in the school's office.

Grievance Procedures

Step 1: Request Teacher conference to clarify issue

Step 2: Contact Principal if unresolved with the teacher

Step 3: **Contact Board Designated Parent Representative

Step 4: Contact the President of the Governing Board

Step 5: Present issue at the next monthly Board Meeting if unresolved

Step 6: Seek mediation with the Sponsor

** Board Member Alisha Rozynski has been designated by the RPCS Board of Directors as the Representative to Facilitate Parental Involvement, provide access to information, assist parents and others with questions and concerns, and resolve disputes according to charter requirements. Mrs. Shupe can be reached by clicking below and Mrs. Rozynski can be reached by clicking below or (321) 723-0650.

Current Board Members

The Royal Palm Charter School Governing Board is a volunteer position typically filled by parents of students of RPCS as well as business professionals from throughout our community. Meeting through the school year, the Board of Directors oversees business decisions, future planning for the school, and adherence to the school's mission and vision. The Board seeks out and accepts applications from capable individuals within the school and community when filling vacancies. Terms of office are typically three years to help get a working overview of school activities, needs and directions. All RPCS Board Members can be contacted by calling 723-0650.

Board Members

Name Position Email
Lori Grodecky President email
Kyley Haynes Treasurer email
Alisha Rozynski* Secretary/Parent Liaison email
Erik Brown Vice President email
Other Key Individuals
Name Position Email
Shannon Shupe        Principal                                    
Tresa Vernon Assistant Principal
Amy Rodriguez Assistant Principal email