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Wellness Policy







Wellness Policy for​ Royal Palm Charter


Wellness Policy Committee


Area Represented

Committee Member Name


Jenny Beiser


Erin Shupe

School Food Service Personnel

Chad Wright

School Board

Chris Glatz

School Administrator

Shannon Shupe

Local Health Professional

Colleen Dailey

1Health Education Staff

Greg Gage

1Teachers of Physical Education

Greg Gage



1Recommended but not required to have on LSWP committee.


An LSWP cannot be developed and written by one or two individuals in the school.  The school community must be involved.


The committee met on the following date(s) to assess the school’s nutrition and physical activity

environment needs:                                                                     



Date:                                                       School Administrator:                                                                                 



  1. Nutrition Education

Ø Supply information to families and staff that encourages them to teach their

children about health and nutrition in making healthier food choices and

providing nutritious meals for their families.

Ø Students will have access to useful nutrition information.  Posters, worksheets and brochures will be available in classrooms and throughout the school campus. 





  1. Physical Education and Activity

Ø   State-certified physical education instructors teach all physical education classes.

Ø Students will receive education that promotes a physically active lifestyle.  The students shall receive education that teaches them the skills needed for lifelong physical fitness.

Ø All elementary school students will have daily recess.  The school will provide space, equipment and an environment conducive to safe and enjoyable play.





  1. Other School-Based Activities

Ø Provide for an interdisciplinary, sequential, skill-based health education program,

K through 8, based upon state standards and benchmarks.

Ø  Encourage students to interact with family members on assignments and projects.

Ø Teach communication skills, goal setting and decision making skills that enhance

personal, family and community relationships.

Ø The teachers will use non-food rewards for their students.  Teachers will replace the use of these awards with alternatives such as excess recess time, game time or other physical activity and mind stimulus time.

Ø Students will be provided an adequate amount of time to consume their meal with a minimum of 20 minutes after receiving their food from the line.



  1. Nutrition Promotion

Ø The school environment, including the cafeteria and classroom, shall provide clear and consistent messages that promote and reinforce healthy eating.

Ø Food services will provide families with opportunities for input and monitoring of their children’s food purchases at the K-8 level.

Ø The school will provide parents with healthy snack ideas, lists of foods for healthy celebrations and opportunities for physical activity before and after school.



  1. Assurance

Ø We assure that the guidelines for reimbursable meals shall not be less restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by USDA.


  1. Guidelines for All Foods Served and Sold

Ø All foods served or sold at this school will meet the following nutrition guidelines.  The guidelines also apply to fundraisers and class parties.


  • 200 calories or fewer per portioned package
  • No more than 35 percent of total calories from fat per serving size
  • Calories from saturated fat must be below 10 percent
  • Zero trans fat per serving
  • Total sugar must be at or below 35 percent by weight
  • Sodium must be at or below 480 mg per side dish and at or below 600 mg per main dish
  • Consistent with the Dietary Guidelines
  • Contributes to developing healthy eating habits








  1. Inform/update the public about the content/implementation of the LSWP

Ø The school will provide all parents with a complete copy of the LSWP at the beginning of the school year and will ensure that the most updated version of the policy is always available on the school website for the public to view.

Ø The wellness team shall prepare a report annually evaluating the implementation of the policy and include any recommended changes or revisions.




  1. Provide a plan for evaluating and measuring the implementation of the LSWP

Ø The wellness team shall meet annually to review nutrition and physical activity policies, evidence on student health impact and effective programs and program elements.

Ø  School food service staff will ensure compliance with nutrition policies within school food service areas.




  1. Ensure all stakeholders may participate in the development, implementation and periodic review and update of the LSWP

Ø Students will be given the opportunity to provide input on local, cultural and favorite ethnic foods.

Ø The food service director will be available to speak with parents during open house and allow for parents to make suggestions as to what they would like to see occurring within the school.



  1. Designate one or more LEA/school official to ensure that each school complies with the LSWP

Melissa Sherer


  1. Website address for the LSWP (if public or charter school)






Policy Adoption and Approval Signatures


The following signatures represent the approval of this LSWP.  When a change or revision is made to this policy, an updated board-approved, signed copy will be provided to the Office of Food, Nutrition and Wellness along with a copy of the board agenda and board minutes. 




__Anita Van Inderstine _­­­­_________       _________________________________________________

Parent (Print)                                                  Parent (Signature)                                                   Date



__Ian Sherer__________­­­­_________       _________________________________________________

Student (Print)                                               Student (Signature)                                                 Date



__Melissa Sherer______­­­­_________         _________________________________________________

School Food Service Personnel (Print)   School Food Service Personnel (Signature)  Date



__Chris Glatz _________­­­­_________       _________________________________________________

School Board (Print)                                      School Board (Signature)                                     Date



___Shannon Shupe_____­­­­_________       _________________________________________________

School Administrator (Print)                      School Administrator (Signature)                   Date



__Colleen Daily_____  _­­­­_________        _________________________________________________

Local Health Professional (Print)              Local Health Professional (Signature)           Date



__Steve Blake_________­­­­_________       _________________________________________________

Additional Member (Print)                         Additional Member (Signature)                                      Date



__Paula Bramel_______­­­­_________       _________________________________________________

Additional Member (Print)                         Additional Member (Signature)                                      Date








Policy Adoption Date:  _________________________