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PTO Board Members
  • Elementary President: Kyley Haynes
  • Elementary Vice President  
  • Middle School Vice President: Stacy McCollum
  • Secretary: Amanda Armstrong


Royal Palm PTO Bylaws

ARTICLE 1.  Name
Section A: This organization shall be known as Royal Palm Charter School (RPCS) Teacher Organization (PTO).

ARTICLE 2. Objective (Mission Statement)
Section A: Provide assistance and guidance to the PTO membership and school administration to promote quality education within a safe and healthy environment for the children, staff, and educators. Develop, communicate, and implement activities that will encourage participation by children, parents, staff, and educators.

ARTICLE 3.Membership Qualification
Section A: Parents/Legal guardians with a child attending Royal Palm Charter School, regardless of grade, shall automatically be granted membership in this organization.
Section B: The school faculty (teachers/administrators) and staff (office assistants, room aids, etc…) shall be automatically granted membership.

ARTICLE 4.  Dues
Section A: There are no dues or fees collected in order for affiliation with this organization. The Treasurer may accept donations from members or outside sources at the discretion of the Executive Directors.

ARTICLE 5.  Officers
Section A: The elected officers of this organization shall be the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. A person can serve no more then two (2) consecutive terms in any one office if elected into their position. If a position becomes vacant before the end of the term, there can be an appointment made by the PTO Board to fill the position.
Section B: The term of office will be 12 months with duties beginning July 1st and ending June 30th of the next calendar year.

ARTICLE 6.  Duties of the Officers
Section A: The President shall organize and preside over all Royal Palm Charter School meetings. He/She shall also be the PTO’s executive head and have general supervision over affairs of the organization and responsibility for overseeing proper usage of funds for the organization. He/She shall appoint the Committee Chairpersons and others as deemed necessary. Direct responsibilities of the president include overseeing all fundraising, the Volunteer Coordinator, and the Member at Large Committee.
Section B: The Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence. S/he will provide direct oversight to the Social and Yearbook committees and assist the President with organizational functions/committees.
Section C: The Secretary shall prepare minutes of all Executive Directors and PTO meetings, notify the board members of meetings, provide necessary correspondence, and maintain a record of past meetings for a maximum of two (2) calendar years. S/he will provide oversight to the Communications Committee of the organization.
Section D: The Treasurer shall be custodian of all monies of the organization, and shall keep ledgers including ledgers of transactions) correct and up to date and available for audits and/or public viewing. He/She is the primary signer of checks. He/She shall provide help with the fundraising of the organization. He/She is responsible for all monies to be deposited within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt.

ARTICLE 7.  Elections
Section A: At the second to last General Membership meeting of the school year, nominations will be submitted to the floor. Once verified that the person nominated is eligible and wants to run for the position, then that person’s name can be placed on the ballot. If there is more than one candidate for an office, then a vote shall be taken by ballot. If there is only one candidate for an office, then there is no need for a vote. If ballots are needed then the counting shall be done by two (2) parties to ensure accuracy.

ARTICLE 8.   Vacancies
Section A: If for any reason the President is unable to continue with his/her duties of this office, the Vice President will assume the duties of the President. If s/he declines then the membership shall be responsible to make a motion to appoint another President.
Section B: In the event of a vacancy in any other office, The Executive Directors shall appoint a member to fill the unfinished term.

ARTICLE 9.    Executive Directors
Section A: The Executive Directors shall consist of the four elected officers, the Administrator and/or one staff person. In order to conduct business, a quorum of three members is required.
Section B: The Executive Directors shall approve all business policies, be responsible for all the business affairs of the organization and approve and/or submit funds for final approval for all organizational activities.

ARTICLE 10.  Approval of Funds
Section A: Expenditures exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) for any single expenditure shall be discussed and submitted for approval before the Executive Directors.
Section B: All checks, which are written for payment of expenses must be signed by the Treasurer and co-signed by either the President or School Administrator.

ARTICLE 11.  Committees
Section A: The Administrative Committees of the organization are: Yearbook, Social and Communications. Each of these are committees are to have a Chair/Co chair. There is also a Member-At-Large Committee, but there is no Chair/Co-chair for this committee. The President oversees this committee. Please refer to the following descriptions.
Yearbook Chair:  Coordination and making of the yearbook to include picture taking, photo selection, page design and distribution and to oversee the members of the committee.
Social Chair: Coordinate programs such as the Fall Festival, Holiday Gift Shop, Spring Fling, Teacher Appreciation, etc… They are to assist with refreshments at school functions and PTO meetings. They are to oversee the committee.
                Communications Chair: Assist in the preparation and distribution of the PTO Newsletter, meeting agenda,
                special announcements. They are to maintain a current directory of PTO membership. Develop new lines of
                communication such as continued development of the website and to oversee the committee. This committee
                includes the Website Director(s) for the school.
                Member-At-Large:  Consists of apparent representative from each grade level to act as a go-between for
                the PTO and the parents.

ARTICLE 12.   Audits
Section A: The Executive Directors shall provide for an annual audit of the ledgers/books and accounts of the organization. The audit of the organization shall be completed by July 31st. The Executive Directors shall appoint an outside party by the 31st of May.
Section B: The Treasurer and another Board Member shall conduct a transaction audit at each board meeting.

ARTICLE 13. Meetings
Section A: The Executive Directors will meet The 1st Tuesday of each month.
Section B: The General Membership meeting shall be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Royal Palm Charter School, unless otherwise stipulated by the President and/or School Administration. These meetings will be held from August through June. Changes to this schedule are permitted as deemed necessary.
Section C: Members of the organization may petition for a meeting by submitting a written request signed by a minimum of ten members at least five (5) days prior to the proposed meeting date to the Executive Directors.
Section D: A sample agenda for the general membership meeting may include the following:
                                    Meeting call to order.
                                    Secretary’s report (correspondences, etc…)
                                     Administrators report (update on logistics, etc…)
                                    Vice Presidents report.
                                    Presidents report.
                                    Old business.
                                    New business.

ARTICLE 14.Amendments to the By-Laws
Section A: The By-Laws of the Royal Palm Charter School PTO may be amended by a majority of attendees at the monthly meeting. Suggested changes will be submitted at the prior meeting before being acted upon. The Secretary shall notify and make available to all the members a copy of the proposed changes.