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Cash Back Program

Cash Back For Schools Programs

Make the most of your purchases by earning free money for our students and teachers! By participating in any of the following programs, you will earn cash (or for Office Depot's program, store credit) for Royal Palm. Over the course of a year, these contributions often add up to sizeable amounts. There are no charges for participating, and these programs are open to friends, family, and anyone else who wants to support the school.

Target Take Charge of Education

Target offers credit, and even debit REDcards, and will provide 1% cash back to the school for purchases made using any REDcard. There were 11 card holders supporting the school at the end of the 2009-2010 school year, and it would be great to increase this number. With the Hammock Landing (Palm Bay Rd.) Target nearby, now is the perfect time to sign up! For more information, or to apply for a REDcard, follow this link:

Click Here For More Information or To Apply

If you already have a Target REDcard, but have not yet designated Royal Palm as your school, you can do so by calling 800-316-6142 or by following this link

Click Here To Set Royal Palm as Your REDcard School

Riverside Bank School Partners

Register your Riverside bank accounts in the program, and the school receives a bonus based on the collective balances of all
enrolled accounts.  Visit your local branch, or just call 800-741-3283 to enroll.

Space Coast Credit Union Education Donation

Register your SCCU credit or debit card with the program and the school receives a percentage of your ScoreCard Rewards
points.  You even have the option to specify a program (Music, Art, Science, etc.) or teacher to benefit.  Visit you local branch,

Office Depot 5% Back to School

Every time customers give the school's program ID number when buying supplies at Office Depot, the school will receive credits
equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases.  When shopping at the local Office Depots, mention that you want to support Royal Palm
at the start of your transaction and the cashier will scan the school’s code from their reference book kept at the register.  For online
orders, Royal Palm’s ID# 70118229 can be entered during check-out.  

Business owners, if you participate in Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards, your purchases can be credited for both programs – just
mention Royal Palm’s Back to School ID# along with your Worklife Rewards ID#.

Click Here for More Information

Box Tops for Education Marketplace

Tied to the school’s Box Tops for Education (BTFE) program, the Marketplace includes links to Oriental Trading Company,, Shutterfly, Barnes and Noble, and 90+ other popular web sites.  Visit, and follow the "Earn" 
links to access a complete listing of the Box Tops for Education Marketplace partners.  By using the links to access any of
the web sites listed and Royal Palm will automatically receive a percentage of your purchase.