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It is hard to imagine Royal Palm without field trips, classroom helpers, and special events like the Fall Festival, Winter Music Program, FCAT Breakfast, and Spring Fling. All of these have been made possible because of your past support, and every volunteer hour plays a part in the success of our children's school year.

When volunteering your time during school hours, please check-in at the front office and sign the visitor log.

Royal Palm welcomes volunteers. All volunteers must complete the basic screening application. Fingerprinting is necessary for volunteers wanting to work 1:1 with students or travel on out of county field trips. If you desire to volunteer with Royal Palm, please complete the Brevard County Schools Volunteer Application here. 

Uniforms = Volunteer Hours

Receive volunteer hour credit for the uniform items your child outgrows. Each polo shirt or sweatshirt with the new school logo (gator reading a book) is worth 1 volunteer hour, and each PE shirt with the new school logo is worth 1/2 of a volunteer hour.

Donate Items For Volunteer Hour Credit!

Give your items a second life at Royal Palm. By donating any of the following, you can receive volunteer hour credit while helping the school to gain needed resources. Items must be in working order to receive credit.   

Please click here to contact us before bringing large items to the school. 

  • Golf Umbrella = 1 volunteer hour
  • Bookshelf (large) = 5 volunteer hours 
  • Bookshelf (small) = 3 volunteer hours
  • 5 reams of copy paper = 3 volunteer hours 
  • Digital Camera 8+ megapixels = 3 volunteer hours 
  • CD Player (boom box) = 2 volunteer hours 
  • Large pack of paper towels or toilet paper (24-36 rolls) = 2 volunteer hours
  • Flash drive 2GB+ = 2 volunteer hours
  • Two 4 packs of toilet paper (12 rolls) = 1 volunteer hour
  • Shipping Labels = 1 volunteer hour
  • Card Stock, 1 ream = 1 volunteer hour
  • Envelopes (legal size) box of 500, white = 1 volunteer hour
  • File folders, 1 box = 1 volunteer hour
  • Construction paper (legal size) = 1 volunteer hour
  • Band Aids, Large box variety = 1 volunteer hour
  • Tissues/Kleenex (4 boxes) = 1 volunteer hour
  • Bag of Potting Soil/Fertilizer = 1 volunteer hour
  • Milkweed or other butterfly friendly plants = 1 volunteer hour